There and back again

We got back last night from another trip to south-eastern Europe, this time spending most of our time in Dubrovnik in Croatia but also including trips to Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kotor in Montenegro.  This photo is of a jeweller seen working at his street stall on a beautiful evening in the old town area of Mostar…

The artisan
The artisan of Mostar.

19 thoughts on “There and back again

  1. What a superb portrait/portrayal. I have an affinity with Birmingham Jewelry Qtr a large part of which is now a museum, and though a working area, has the feeling of a theme park unfortunately. Thanks for your capture of the reality.

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  2. Gorgeous, golden light! A most atmospheric portrait….at first, I thought it was a shame there wasn’t more light on his face, then I thought, no – the light is where it needs to be, on his working hands! Love it.

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