The Mist Rises

A few days ago we woke to a very foggy morning and I thought maybe I could get some atmospheric shots but before I could get myself moving the mist had risen although I set off for the city centre anyway.  On coming out of the two kilometre tunnel on my journey into town I discovered there was still thick fog down at sea level.  Setting out on a walk round some of Bergen’s more famous sights I caught some shots of fog around the Bergenshus Fortress area and then it began to rise as the sun came up over the surrounding hills and mountains…

The King in the Mist
The statue of King Haakon VII With the Haakons Hall in the background shrouded in fog.
Mist Rising
The fog begins to lift as I walk around Lille Lungegårdsvatnet, the artificial lake in town.
By the time I got to Grieghallen the mountains behind were crystal clear
As I reached the harbour area there was still a little fog in one of the glens behind.
Saint Mary’s Church and Bryggen with mist in the background.
As I wandered around the older areas of town the mist had gone to be replaced by blue skies.
A final shot of Bryggen in the spring sunshine.

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