After far too many years on this planet and over five years in Norway tonight I finally managed to catch sight of the famous Northern Lights.  These shots were taken about 300m from home so the sky suffered from a bit of light pollution but at least I was able to record this fantastic sight…

50 thoughts on “Finally…

  1. Woohoo! Is this really the first time you’ve seen them despite being in Bergen?!? There may be some light pollution but I like how seeing part of the town gives some context to the image 🙂 Love seeing a few crisp constellations through the lights on the later images too!

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  2. Wonderful after waiting all this time to see them. Love your photos!! Would love to see them myself sometime (when over in Europe of course not much opportunity in Perth WA!).


      1. Yes but you can usually only see them from places like Tasmania and southern Victoria. We’re over in Perth in WA. Having said that I just looked them up and apparently you can see them on occasion in southern Western Australia! Perth is in the South West so I guess it’s not an impossibility!


  3. This is great, and should be so exciting too. I am so glad you have took and seen them… How long does it stay there, I haven’t known well about northern lights. Thank you, Love, nia


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