One of the highlights of our recent trip to Turkey was taking our first ever hot air balloon trip over the tortured landscapes of Cappadocia.  Up well before dawn we were driven out to the site in minibuses and had time for a quick tea or coffee before clambering none too elegantly into the baskets and the burners were fired up.  Almost before we noticed we were airborne and it was a great sensation to be climbing into the sky with no noise other than the occasional blast from the gas and the chatter of our fellow travellers.  Apparently there were over a hundred balloons going up that morning and they certainly provided a spectacular sight as did the landscape when seen from above.  The following is a small selection of photos from our balloon adventure…

Gas heating the air in the balloon prior to take-off.
The burning gas lights up the other balloons from inside as we get airborne.
One of the other balloons rising into the dark sky.
The early morning was alive with colours as more and more took off.
Looking down on one of the plateaux as another balloon passes below us.
The strange, unreal landscape of Cappadocia from above.
As our flight came to an end a team of helpers grabbed the ropes to help bring us down safely
After it was all over Mrs Mjollnir was only too happy to celebrate with a glass of Champagne.


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