6 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Well who do we have here Iain Mac-Fizzy-Gin the Scheetman himself! Ab fab blog my man. Meanwhile I’ve come out of the closet a whole bunch of years ago, met a hot Brazilian guy and been with him ever since (9 years and counting) of which the last 2 in Campinas Sao Paulo (see my Gringo Belga No BraZil WordPressed tales too) and now just moved to Budapest (under the motto “And Now For Sth Completely Different”!)
    Big f*kkin SLAINTE to your health my man, glad to see yarr doing greeet ya kilted Viking ya!

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    1. Greetings from the rather chilly and even wetter than Glasgow (if you can believe that), Bergen. Good to hear from you again and I’m sure I’ll Catch up on some of your adventures around the globe on your blog. Hungary next is it – a permanent (sort of) move or just an experiment? And what will your new alias be? Atilla the Belgian? Zoltim? The world must know!!!! Slainte mhath or Skål as we say now in the frozen wastelands of Norge.

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      1. I briefly considered BudapesTim but that sounds like I’m stuck between too much Zen and The Plague ,so it’s a work in progress let’s say. Absolutely completely permant-ish move in our minds of course 🙂 Keep in touch!

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        1. Will do. Me and Mrs Mjollnir have been gadding around Europe these last four or five years but only for holidays I’m afraid. Berlin last month and Turkey next month so we’re penniless but reasonably well travelled! I’ll catch up on some of your blog over the next couple of days but it’s sleepy time up here in our igloo. God natt og sov godt 🙂


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