City of Splendour


Just over a week ago Mrs Mjollnir and I returned from our first ever trip to Russia and, more specifically, the wonderful city of St Petersburg.  We knew it would be a great place to visit but we were not prepared for the sheer scale of the grandeur we encountered in the former Russian imperial capital.

Although a relatively new place which can trace its foundation only to May 27th, 1703, St Petersburg is a city with a huge amount of history attached to it and this is reflected in the monuments dotted around between the Neoclassical and Petrine Baroque buildings which make up a huge part of the now UNESCO designated city centre lining the impressively wide, tree-lined boulevards.

Museums and palaces proliferate and there are churches filled with artistic treasures beyond description and almost beyond belief.  Many of the palaces are now museums and galleries which contain literally millions of artworks from around the globe.

Add to this the Neva river and its tributaries and canals and St Petersburg is without doubt one of the most impressive cities I’ve ever seen and earns its reputation as a rival to Paris very easily.

The following are a series of random shots from around the city to give you a flavour of this amazing place…

The Winter Palace, now home to the Hermitage museum, one of the largest museums in the world.
Kazan Cathedral, an Orthodox church based on the design of St Peter’s in Rome.
The view across St Isaac’s Square where you can see the world’s widest bridge stretching in front of the palace at the far side.
Griboyedova Canal, just off Nevskiy Prospekt, the city’s most famous street.

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