A brief 2km walk back up the valley from Norheimsund the way the bus had come in took me to the spectacular Steinsdalsfossen waterfall.  Not the world’s highest, widest or most powerful falls but one of those rare cataracts where you can actually walk behind the wall of water as it plunges into the valley.

It was this rather special feature which made the Steinsdal falls a favourite holiday destination for Kaiser Wilhelm II who visited almost every year from 1889 until 1914 and the outbreak of World War One.

The waterfall has a total drop of 46m (151ft) and a main drop of 20m (66ft) and forms part of the Fosselva which in turn flows into the Steinsdalselva just metres from the fall.

Walking along the valley to such a beautiful destination on a perfect, sunny spring afternoon with a cloudless sky was a perfect way to spend a day out in  western Norway…

The fall is located just behind one of the local farmhouses.
A bit nearer the fall and we see it behind one of the visitor centre buildings.
A bit closer and we can feel the spray and wind caused by the water plunging down the cliff face.
Here we can clearly see the walkway leading up behind the cascade.

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