A Trip Through the Mountains

Spring may have sprung in Bergen with Crocuses and Snowdrops now to be seen in abundance but Sunday’s trip to Norheimsund on the Hardanger Fjord took me through some of western Norway’s spectacular mountain scenery where winter still very much has a grip before descending again to the village by the shores of the world famous fjord…

An icy lake beneath the snow-capped mountains on the way to Norheimsund.
Deep snow is still everywhere in the mountains.
The ski centres are still doing a brisk business especially in the sunny weekend weather we had.
The picturesque village of Norheimsund nestled on the shores of Hardanger Fjord with its surrounding mountains still draped in a covering of ice and snow.

17 thoughts on “A Trip Through the Mountains

  1. Not hard to see why those would come from around the world to see it. The views you shared offer a sense of peace, but one that also shows the utter power of nature. I imagine that if I were there the whole thing would cause me to chuckle just a bit on so much of the futurist nonsense I read coming out of places like Silicon valley. Clearly those guys have their heads stuck up their nethermost parts and could really benefit from a few quiet moments in this place.


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