Another Welcome Return

Hopefully now February is almost over we can soon see some signs of the return of spring.  In a recent post, The Returns , I highlighted the return of three migratory bird species (Widgeon, Whooper Swan and Tufted Duck) and this week they were joined by another avian return in the form of the Grey Heron.

Last year was the first time I had seen one of these elegant birds at our local lake so seeing one the other day was a welcome sign.  Despite being large birds and in other places living quite comfortably in cities (I’ve seen them on the river Kelvin in Glasgow)  this one proved to be a bit skittish but I managed to get a couple of half-decent shots, although not quite as sharp as I would’ve liked…

Grey Heron
Playing the waiting game. The Heron in typical still, patient posture.
Still waiting while one of the year-round resident Mallards feeds in the background.



19 thoughts on “Another Welcome Return

  1. Ja, det är vår i luften men den är litet svår att upptäcka för alla norska flaggor som vajar i det svenska luftrummet. Men nu är det bara one more day to go! Ha de!


  2. Nice shot!

    Wouldn’t mind a return to warmer weather too. While I don’t mind snow, day after day can become a bit tiresome. 🙂


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