The last couple of days have thankfully been rainless but the cloudless skies have led to a drop in temperatures which were otherwise mild and this has given us a couple of days of frost.

For the time being I shall be cutting back a bit on my blogging activities as I feel I need to get my ‘mojo’ back a bit.  I won’t be posting quite so often nor following all your blogs on a daily basis.  I’m not giving up on you guys or on blogging but just taking it easy for a while to concentrate on other things but I shall be back into the groove fairly soon…

17 thoughts on “Frosty

  1. A rest from blogging I think is a good thing you return all charged and ready to go, I enjoyed Norway immensely but OMG how expensive. I will return in the future and take a flight to Tromso and hire car to get a shore based perspective – Lofotens definitely are worth more exploration – enjoy your break Mjollnir


    1. Cheers Scott. Norway is a wee bit dearer than home but living here I can go almost anywhere except Switzerland or Japan and feel reasonably wealthy! Glad to hear you enjoyed your time here in spite of the expense and I’m sure you’ll like North Norway as much as the islands.

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  2. I sure understand the need for a break, but I’ll miss your fabulous photos. Recharge, regroup, relax, and soak up the cold sun!


    1. Indeed I shall young lady. There will be the occasional post but only when I’ve got some decent photos and feel in the mood to take them!


  3. Hey, I hope you’re not wandering off into the wilderness to find yourself or something hippy like that. Stay in touch, cuz.


    1. Ha ha ha! Bollox to that mate – just taking it a wee bit easier and hopefully improving the old photo skills a bit. I’ll still be posting occasionally but not the more or less every day stuff of the last couple of years.


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