Last week’s snow has all disappeared now and, while still cold, we are back to some very changeable weather. These shots were taken the same day as the previous post but have been processed to give a softer, hazier feel to the stark, almost black and white, originals…

26 thoughts on “Winter

    1. Thanks a lot Mike. They’re actually all in colour but were a bit drab so I softened the images as much as possible for a little visual extra.


  1. Beautiful images which could almost make me begin to like snow …… one step at a time! Every good wish to you and yours for a magnificent year. It is wonderful to see how your ideas develop along with new photographic techniques.


  2. With the dreariness outside now, these are a treat to find as I explore favorite blogger’s archives a bit. Norway does put on a glorious show at times, doesn’t she? And, I like the processing … and the perspective of the first image is perfect!

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  3. Reblogged this on Johnbalaya and commented:
    The other day, I reblogged photos from a Bucharest winter … today, it’s a Norway winter. Guess what? Snow looks the same everywhere (and, quite often, makes for really nice photos).


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