The Year Begins

Happy New Year to everyone out there.  As promised this post is a gallery of the pictures that came top in the polls of my look back at 2014.  The planned gallery of twelve has become 15 however as there were a couple of ties so I hope you enjoy them all…


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30 thoughts on “The Year Begins

  1. And the best of new years to you, as with the past year, I hope to enjoy the lift your posts always give. It is said its good to share? I thank you and those you love


  2. Happy New Year young Sir, I am ecstatic to inform you I Mandy and I are completing the 12 Day Classic voyage with Hurtigruten in early January and I can barely contain the excitement. SO watch out for my Norwegian shots later in the month. 🙂


    1. Ah, I’ve just left a comment on your Loch Leven post! Anyway, if you haven’t been here before you’ll be well rewarded with a trip to Norway. If you have you’ll still be amazed by the place! .-)

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  3. Wonderful to see them together in this slideshow… Great work.

    And thanks for everything. xxxx xxxx


  4. A great year in pictures — and, not just the Top 15; the whole year’s worth! I enjoy visiting your blog and seeing all the great photos of a part of the world I’ve yet to travel to. After having followed your blog for so long, Norway has moved closer to the top of my list.

    Happy New Year — several days late. I’m looking forward to another year’s worth of photos.


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