27 thoughts on “Happy New Year/Godt Nyttår

  1. Thanks and Backatcha? its too early yet here [around an hour as I write?] but I hope your able to take the best of the old and discard the rest, invigorated into the new, the challenges will be new but with fortitude and experience [hopefully] It will be one of the best years to date…that wish is to/for all who read it ..and thanks for brightening my year , as I hope you will 2015 Thanks for posting sharing Slainte var….never quite sure of the spelling …but know well the toast


    1. Plenty of time to go out and get some dragonflies drunk as a skunk (or a Scotsman!). Have a great new year party when it comes Mike and a fantastic year to you and all your dear ones when it comes to you 🙂


    1. I don’t care what you say my lovely one, here’s a great big HNY from the auld country to my gorgeous wee lassie on the wrong side of the pond! xxxx 🙂


        1. Well now ya do sweetpea – the auld country is over here – near Norway!!!! Apologies to Mr lovely lady but big tartan tinged snogs from the right side of the pond! xxxx 😀 (Sorry Mr Seaangel!)

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