2014: August

August began with some stormy weather as the good spell over the summer finally broke but things soon cleared up and we were able to fit in trips to Os, Kvarven Fort and Rosendal before finishing the month off with a trip up another of Bergen’s mountains, Damsgårdsfjellet, in fine sunny weather…

August began with some dark and gloomy stormy weather.
We managed to fit in a trip to the village of Os where we saw some of their unique boats.
In the middle of the month we took a run out to Rosendal estate on the Hardangerfjord.
The famous Hardangerfjord just south of Bergen.
Askøy panorama
The island of Askøy as seen from Kvarven Fort on the Byfjord.
We rounded the month off with a hike up Damsgårdsfjellet and some great views from the top.


As always vote in the poll below for your favourite shot above and it’ll be added to the gallery to be posted on New Year’s Day.



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