2014: July

July was another great month as far as weather was concerned and the arrival of the Tall Ships Race 2014 in the city for a four day event saw huge crowds thronging the city centre of Bergen.  It was also a month when we took one o the fjord tours which leave from the harbour and I took a trip out to the Milde Arboretum to see it at the height of summer…

One of the thousands of roses on display at Milde Arboretum.
The good weather saw the street entertainers out in force.
Blue skies and green everywhere in the forests of Milde.
A boat trip to Mofjorden provided us with a fantastic day out.
One of the Tall Ships entrants, Kruzenstern, from Russia moored in Bergen harbour in great weather.
Almost the only rain of the month began to fall as the Tall Ships Race came to an end and they sailed down the Byfjorden.

As always please vote in the poll below for your favourite from the above photos and it’ll be added to the gallery for New Year’s Day…


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