2014: June

June was dominated by our trip to Iceland, the first time we had been to that amazing country, but there was also the Sankt Hans Aften midsummer celebrations and plenty of flora and fauna to be seen during our frequent walks in the forests around Bergen as the mainly good weather continued…

Dragonfly chasing near the shores of Krokatjørna in Kanadaskogen.
Water lilies were in abundance at Krokatjørna too.
The bonfire to celebrate midsummer on Sankt Hans Aften.
Widgeon ducks also put in an appearance at the local lake.
The Blue Lagoon mineral spa near Grindavik on the Reykjanes peninsula, Iceland.
We even managed to get some nice weather in Iceland as this shot of Reykjavik harbour shows.

As always vote below for your favourite shot above and it will be added to the gallery for New Year’s Day…



9 thoughts on “2014: June

        1. You see, I was correct – judging from the poll results, whereas in the other posts there’s one or two leaders, this month’s photos all rate more or less at the same level 🙂

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