Cosy Winter Nights

Now that we are almost at the shortest day of the year it’s nice to relax at night in a nice warm atmosphere while the rain and storms rage outside.  Thanks to Mrs Mjollnir and the junior members of the family the Christmas decorations are up and the place looks warm and cosy despite the weather outdoors…


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19 thoughts on “Cosy Winter Nights

  1. Very festive colours – we are heading your way on 17th December, catching the Hurtigruten ship to Kirkenes on the 18th. Praying for snow and Northern Lights (rather than rain and storms 🙂 )


    1. Cool. Are you heading out from Bergen to Kirkenes? I think you’ll see plenty of snow several hundred miles into the arctic and you’re only a stone’s throw from the Russian border too 🙂


        1. You’ll love it. I’ve only been as far north as Bodø and that was at the height of summer. Watch out for reindeer (buggers are everywhere!) and the price of a pint!!!! 🙂


  2. Mjollnir may I ask you a question – if I fle in to Oslo how easy is the drive (4×4) up to Lofotens at this time of year – I know how far it is (but have plenty of time) I just wondered how difficult the road would be


    1. Hi Scott. The roads are mainly good. Two lanes most of the way but unlike Scotland the Norwegians actually prepare for winter so all main routes should be clear of snow. I don’t envisage you having any major problems and Lofoten is a spectacular location so I would say go for it 🙂


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