The Grieg Hall, Bergen

The Grieg Hall (Grieghallen) is the main concert venue in Bergen and is named after the world-famous Bergen-born composer and pianist Edvard Grieg.

The venue was completed in 1978 and is a typical seventies steel and concrete construction not exactly universally adored but it has become one of Bergen’s most iconic buildings despite any architectural shortcomings it may or may not have.

It is the main venue in the city for classical music, ballet and opera and has been the home of the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra since its completion, but also hosts many other types of shows including comedy, rock and pop concerts and various other musical and dance productions.  Upcoming attractions include a performance of Berlioz’ ‘Romeo  and Juliet’, Tchaikovsky’s ballet ‘The Nutcracker’ and a range of Christmas concerts by many well-known Norwegian artists…

The Grieg Hall is constructed of concrete, glass and steel in typical seventies style.
It looks a bit prettier when lit up at night.
From the other side of the hall where we can see a poster advertising upcoming productions of ‘Aida’ and ‘Don Giovanni.’

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