My last post featured a photograph of the art installation of ceramic bubbles outside the new swimming arena recently opened here in Bergen.  This post shows some photos of the building itself which was officially opened on the last weekend of October when some 3,000 free tickets valid for the weekend were given out.

The Arena itself provides the relatively small city of Bergen with an Olympic standard swimming and diving facility right on the edge of the city centre.  A fifty-metre swimming pool is complimented by a diving pool with 1, 3, 5, 7.5 and 10m diving platforms as well as a learners’ pool and childrens’ pool.  There are also two water slides which can be brought into operation.

The building itself is shared with the Amelie Skram Videregående (Advanced) School which has slightly over 1,000 pupils and the gymnasium facilities there can also be used by the general public outside school hours.

The facility took just over four years to complete and has become a famous landmark within the city.  Its ultra-modern design has been met with less controversy than many other modern buildings and its angular, sloping and colourful form has generally been well received…

The AdO Arena sits right by the shores of Store Lungegårdsvatnet.
The AdO Arena is reflected in the waters.
The school occupies the four floors in the forward portion of the building.
The stark angularity of its construction is softened by the use of colour.
Some of the classrooms have great views out over Store Lungegårdsvatnet and the mountains behind.

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