Lighting-up Time

I took a quick trip up Mount Fløyen yesterday afternoon since at this time of year darkness falls very early.  The views from there are always superb but these are the first shots I’ve managed to take as night falls.  As always click on the pictures for a larger version…

As the day fades the city lights come on.
Rush hour traffic can be seen on the Nygårdsbroen (bottom left) and the Puddefjodbroen (centre right).
As the last of the light fades we can see over the city centre and harbour areas out to the lights of Askøy (right).


23 thoughts on “Lighting-up Time

  1. The panorama style really fits this subject well and I love the combination of the fading natural light and the glow of the lights of the city. Beautiful images, especially when viewed as a set.


  2. At the risk of (always) repeating myself, these photos are stunning! I love the dark, blue tones of the early night sky, and the dazzling lights below. Gorgeous!! Cher xo


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