The Old Postal Road

A day off work on Monday and a bit of sunshine tempted me to return to Langevatnet in the Åsane suburb to the north of Bergen.  Along the shore of Langevatnet runs a part of the old postal route between Bergen and Trondheim far to the north.  In total the route runs for 700km through mountains, over rivers and across several fjords on its way to Trondheim.

I walked up part of the route from Langevatnet over a pass between the hills surrounding the lake and down the other side to near the village of Hordvik getting some nice views of Langevatnet on one side and the fjords and islands on the other…

Langeavtnet from the shore section of the Post Road (click on any of the images to enlarge). 
Beginning the climb up to the pass between the hills.
Late afternoon sun and shadows as the climb continues.
Lake and mountain view before we reach the top of the pass.
The view in the other direction out over the islands and fjords with a section of the Post Road bottom centre.
The last of the sun casts a rosy glow over the hills of the islands and the fjord.



17 thoughts on “The Old Postal Road

  1. Hiya Mjollnir. This is great. Finally, I see pictures from the old mail route between Bergen and Trondheim. I have long wanted to explore it, and now I see it’s worth it 🙂
    Amazing pictures.


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