The Bridge

One of the more eye-catching things around the harbour area of Bergen recently was the construction of an ornamental, arched wooden bridge over one of the mooring inlets.  The project was the brainchild of some students at the Art and Design School in the city.

Due to its being a magnet for boozed-up Bergenites last weekend the bridge will be removed this Thursday, somewhat ahead of schedule, but its brief appearance was certainly an interesting, unusual and original addition to the sights of the city…

26 thoughts on “The Bridge

  1. There can be an art to,and in engineering …Once again a thing of beauty removed by the minority? I enjoy a drink I like my art can we not have both Oh Sorry no wish to go OTT? love the shots Like the bridge. Thanks for sharing


    1. Well, it wasn’t built for crossing the harbour especially when you’re blootered, so for safety reasons it has to go. I’m pretty sure I’d’ve tried after a few whiskies!


    1. I hadn’t intended to but I passed by the bridge on the bus and just had to get off and take some snaps even though I didn’t have a tripod. Some usefully positioned bins and benches came in handy!


      1. You’re incorrigible! Seriously though, you’re getting some great night time shots 🙂 I really hate not being able to go into London by myself to get the photos I want at the moment. I’m normally with my mum or Simon and they have no patience whatsoever!!!


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