One Year Ago

Actually one year and four days ago but close enough right?  As you can see from the photo the weather back then was a lot better than we’ve been having recently.  Bright and sunny but bitterly cold if I remember correctly whereas the recent weather has been very wet but also reasonably mild.  This photo was taken on a trip to a lake in Bergen named Myrdalsvatnet and shows some wonderful gold coloured Larches in the late afternoon sunlight taken from across a narrow stretch of the lake…

Golden larches in the sun at Myrdalsvatnet last November.


4 thoughts on “One Year Ago

  1. Lovely colour and beautiful spot. I can’t help wondering tho, why you didnt frame it to capture all the reflection so it was mirrored?


  2. This is stunning! We’ve been fortunate enough to have plenty of nice weather this autumn in Trondheim. If I only had the time to actually go out and enjoy it… 🙂


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