Autumn on Fløyen’s Slopes

I wouldn’t say that the colours of autumn are quite at their peak yet but a trip to Mount Fløyen on Monday yielded some nice shots of the deciduous leaves turning colour amongst the darker greens of the conifers.  The day started out a bit drizzly but soon brightened up as the rain passed by and the sunshine brings out the colours in the last few shots in the slideshow…

Oranges and golds near the restaurant atop Fløyen.
Looking through the changing leaves towards Mount Ulriken.

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18 thoughts on “Autumn on Fløyen’s Slopes

  1. I love autumn in any its appearance. In different places the colours of Autumn are different, but the feeling is the same.
    On your pictures the mood is 100% Autumn. Looking on them there is no doubt that is about Autumn.


  2. As you noticed I’m really on a leaf binge at this moment and some of the colours this year are really unusual. I could make a whole wardrobe of outfits from Sycamore leaves – maybe that’s how Eve got into the whole Fig leaf thing.


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