Red Deer

One of the nicest things about our trip a couple of weeks ago to Culzean Castle and country park was the chance to get up close to some of Scotland’s famous Red Deer.  I’ve been lucky enough to see them in the wild in the Highlands but that was long before I started taking a camera everywhere so this was my first chance to get some shots of these magnificent animals…

Stag Female Looking Group Munching Stag II Family Group On the move

32 thoughts on “Red Deer

  1. Beautifull animals, captured really well! Although I really had to giggle out loud (GOL…? 😛 ) when I noticed image #3 They look a bit perplexed:

    Deer 1: Hey, who is that guy?
    Deer 2: Have no idea, bro, keep staring at him, maybe he`ll go away.
    deer 1: I don`t know, man, he looks a bit pale, maybe he`s just trying to get a tan or something…
    Deer 2: A tan? DUDE, get a grip, look what he is doing, he is totally taking pictures of us!
    Deer 1: Oh yeah, now I see it… Look cool, bro, look cool, maybe we`ll end up being famous or something… *sucking in belly and removing green stuff from teeth*.

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