Weekly Photo Challenge:Nighttime

After having a sumptuous meal in Glasgow’s top-notch Ubiquitous Chip restaurant I snapped this scene outside in the west end’s rather trendy and bohemian Ashton Lane which seemed appropriate for this week’s challenge…

Ashton Lane just off Byres Road in Glasgow’s west end a week or so ago.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge:Nighttime

  1. Good man! Enjoyed researching Ashton Lane despite many visits to Glasgow completely missed this gem. I have often said everyone should visit Birmingham [well planners anyway] to see how it should not be done? In the eagerness to improve? much of the very essence of a place can be lost forever. retrograde progress?


    1. Only been to Brum once in my life and to be honest wasn’t exactly impressed but it was only a fleeting visit. I’m sure there are plenty of hidden gems there too.


  2. Possibly I fear you would be hard put to find any? maybe the odd human? I would love to defend my City, I fear its no longer ours let alone mine I appreciate your thoughts

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