Monochrome Monday: Glasgow

My home city is filled with gems of Victorian architecture mostly built around the time when Glasgow was the ‘Second City of the Empire’ and thriving as the population grew to over a million.

No expense was spared on civic pride and while most of these buildings have changed their purpose since those heady days, they are still some of Britain’s finest examples of the elaborate architectural styles of the day.  These are a few shots chosen at random from last week’s visit…

12 thoughts on “Monochrome Monday: Glasgow

  1. Did you get to vote? My daughter’s father was gutted he couldn’t vote living in Holland – his family are from Islay and Glasgow, they’re all passionate about independence too.


    1. Certainly did (even though technically I shouldn’t), but Scotland’s on a journey. We just had an extra stop along the way to the final destination. 🙂


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