Black Dragon

It may be autumn now and the leaves are changing colour but here we’ve had some decent weather recently and on a recent trip to Krokatjørna I managed to spot some dragonflies that are still flitting around by the lakeshore…

14 thoughts on “Black Dragon

  1. Love the dragonflies (but I think you already knew that). I am not sure what type they are, but do see that they are different from the ones that I am used to seeing. Nice job capturing these often elusive little creatures.


    1. Never knew you liked a dragonfly Mike! No idea about the species. There were some other larger specimens floating around with emerald or turquoise bodies but they resolutely refused to settle anywhere so had to make do these but there were lots of them about.


  2. Wonder where the name “dragonfly” came from? Is it the length of their wings? As far as I know, none of ours actually breathe fire. I mean, as far as I know. 😉


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