Monochrome Monday: Bergen Panorama

A three-shot panorama of  Bergen from the top of Damsgårdsfjellet from our trip there a couple of weeks ago…

From Ulriken on the right to the city centre and Sandviken and, on the left, looking along the north-western arm of Byfjorden.                                    (Click on the image for a higher resolution version.)

11 thoughts on “Monochrome Monday: Bergen Panorama

  1. Stunningly beautifull picture, well done there Mr. Scotsman! I clicked to get the bigger version too. It is like it isn`t real, and yet, it is. The clouds are so lovely (adore clouds, have been gawking at them since I was a little girl)
    I have an aunt in Bergen (Laksevåg) but haven`t been there for years. I reeeally want to visit her again and your images doesn`t really help either, lol!
    All the best from Mona (who is a Norwegian lass – if that wasn`t clear 😛 )
    (followed your blog btw. Feel free to check out mine if you have the time, I love to post pictures of the nature around me too. I also write some things in english, because I find it very easy to express thoughts I have in english, that the Norwegian language perhaps leaves a bit… flat. )

    Have a lovely upcoming week, look forward to see more images from the lovely bergen:-)


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