To Krokatjørna

Some lovely early autumn sunshine prompted me to head out to Kanadaskogen again and I took the path up to Krokatjørna where I haven’t been since the good weather of May.  As always the combination of forest, sunshine and the waters of Krokatjørna itself was a delight and I thoroughly enjoyed the solitude, the warmth and the unparalleled beauty of nature…

The path leading up to the ridge.
Descending through the forest towards the lake.
Krokatjørna and the reed beds where I found the dragonflies on my last visit.
A panorama of the lake.
A wooden footbridge over the small stream which drains from Krokatjørna.
The view from beside the stream back towards the lake.
One of the more distinctive lakeside residents.
The pristine forest behind the bridge.

13 thoughts on “To Krokatjørna

    1. Well, Norway is huge but I’ve explored a minute fraction of the area around Bergen so there’s plenty left to discover but we are fortunate to have these areas so close to home.


    1. And so close to home – that’s the great part. Any time we get some good weather it’s easy to pop up to Kanadaskogen for an hour or two.


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