To Damsgårdsfjellet

With Sunday being the last day of summer and having some decent sunny weather we decided to head up to the top of one of Bergen’s seven mountains Damsgårdsfjellet.  With this being the lowest of them it turned out to be a relatively easy hike which began with a gentle ascent through some lovely forest.

Sun drenched forest provided the backdrop to the start of our hike.

After a short while we came out into a clearing in a valley between Damsgårdsfjellet and Gravdalsfjellet which we climbed earlier in the year where the views back out over Fyllingsdalen were worth the walk.

Looking back over the clearing to Fyllingsdalen and beyond.

Here the path split and our route up to the summit involved some scrambling up a far steeper incline than before but with Damsgårdsfjellet being only 317m (1,040ft) high we were soon on the wide and relatively flat top.

The path got steeper as we approached the top.
The view from the top out over Nordnesdalen – the way we’d come up.
The peak of Løvstakken in the background.
In the other direction we had a great view over the city centre and Sandviken.
Looking down from the peak over Storavatnet and Løvstakken.

Leaving the summit we set off down another path which brought us down through more forested slopes before reaching civilisation again and walking back up past Storavatnet in the shadow of Løvstakken before heading home.  Not the longest or most spectacular hike we’ve ever done but certainly a satisfying way to spend a couple of hours on a sunny Sunday on the last day of summer.

Trees on the slopes of Damsgårdsfjellet.

10 thoughts on “To Damsgårdsfjellet

  1. I love the view of Bergen and Sandviken!

    With mobility issues since moving to Norway, my mountain hiking days were over before they really started. I sure enjoy seeing the Bergen area views through your lens. Keep ’em coming!


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