Visiting the Neighbours

A week past on Saturday we decided to hop in the car and head to the neighbouring Kommune of Os.  This lies some 20 or 30km south of Bergen and borders the Bjørnafjord.  The whole municipality has a population of around 17, 500 with the municipal buildings situated in the small town of Os at the mouth of the Oselva (Os river).  This small town is a well-to-do dormitory town for those who work in Bergen and has the usual Norwegian marinas and boathouses dotted around as well as the Oseana art and cultural centre.

One interesting feature of the town is the Oselvar boatyard which still constructs the traditional Oselvar boats which date back to Viking times and have become a symbol for the whole of Norway.

The town still retains some old fashioned charm while having been redeveloped in recent years and a drive there was a pleasant way to pass a couple of hours.

A small ferry terminal near the town centre from near the mouth of the Oselva.
A wider view of the town.
Some of the fancy boathouses and residences in well-off Osøyra.
The traditional Oselvar boats in the harbour.
A view from the bridge looking up the Oselva which is one of the better salmon rivers in the area.







4 thoughts on “Visiting the Neighbours

  1. Amazing–the traditional boats are so very much like the smaller ones that have been used by the Norse for a thousand years! Just like old-style Faerings, which, of course we took here and reinvented as dories!


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