Fjord Cruise to Mostraumen


Thanks to the wonderful people at the Tall Ships Races 2014 Media Centre I was able to procure a Bergen Guest of Honour card which among other offers entitled me to take advantage of a free trip on the Fjord Cruise to Mostraumen organised by Rødne Fjord Cruise.


Leaving Bergen harbour and the tall ships at 10am.

Arriving in the city centre last Saturday on a disappointingly overcast morning we made our way to the quay and left promptly at 10am on our three hour cruise. We got some grand views of the tall ships gathered in the harbour before pulling out past Nordnes peninsula and opening the throttles.

Our route would take us up along the western side of the island of Osterøy and then further up North, North-East to the end of the Osterfjord and the Mostraumen channel into Mofjord.


Leaving the city behind rapidly we passed by many scenic views in the lower reaches of the Osterfjord with places of interest being pointed out along the way by a commentary in both Norwegian and English.

We were sitting on the upper deck for most of this part of the cruise which, owing to the speed of the sleek catamaran taking us on our adventure, was a bit windy.

For those of you averse to weather there is also a large cabin area downstairs which provides cover and also serves up snacks and soft drinks throughout the trip.

As we travelled up the western side of Osterøy the coastal villages gradually got smaller and the mountains a bit higher giving us a flavour of the landscapes most often associated with Norway.

Thankfully the weather had improved somewhat without becoming a full-on sunny day but we were able to stay on the upper deck the whole time to enjoy the increasingly stunning views as we proceeded up the fjord.

We passed some more isolated communities clinging in their picturesque way to the edges of the fjord surrounded by a stunning vista of mountain and sky.  At one of them a pair of small girls had made their way out to a tiny rocky islet awaiting the passage of our boat and the goodies thrown to them by our obliging crew members!

As our incredibly scenic and exhilarating journey continued the mountain walls closed in on the dark waters of the fjord and we journeyed at a slower pace before coming to the village of Mostraumen, a tiny collection of houses perched on a small patch of level ground at the water’s edge.

This looked like the end of the journey but that wasn’t the case.  At one side of the village is what looks like a river but is in fact a channel, which was dredged in 1913, allowing boats to reach the upper levels of Mofjorden.

Passing through this seemingly impossible channel we found ourselves surrounded by the towering cliffs and mountains around Mofjord and our boat came right in close to a couple of waterfalls.  Sadly, due to our recent lack of rain, these were less spectacular than they would be under normal Norwegian weather conditions,  but it was nonetheless a fantastic experience to sit on the upper deck as the boat closed right up to the cliff.

Mostraumen channel, the river-like passage to the upper fjord.

With this accomplished it was time to, somewhat reluctantly on our part, return to Bergen, but the views on the return leg were just as spectacular.

We arrived back in Bergen after a fantastic three hour trip through some of the loveliest scenery the Bergen area has to offer.

This was definitely one of the best trips I’ve gone on in my almost four years in Norway and if you’re ever in this neck of the woods give it a whirl.

I’ll end this post with a gallery of some other images from the trip…

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41 thoughts on “Fjord Cruise to Mostraumen

  1. Fabulous! If I ever make it to Norway I’ll be on this trip. 🙂
    Are you watching the Games at all, or not interested? I’ve been drawn in despite little or no interest in athletics.


    1. Well, believe it or not Norway has no interest in the games never being part of the Empire! No coverage apart from the snippets on the EBC and Sky.


  2. Thank you, Thors Hammer, this is Norway as I like it and remember it from many voyages to Narvik and Kirkenes when I called there oftentimes with our bulkcarriers. Brings back a very memorable time of my life.


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