A Most Un-Norwegian Summer

Ever since May we have had an uncharacteristically sunny and dry summer here in Western Norway.  Sure we’ve had the occasional dull or rainy day but compared to the usual amounts of torrential rain that Bergen experiences this year has been fantastic.  The following are some shots I took when out at the Arboretum in Milde just outside the city on a gloriously sunny Saturday afternoon…

27 thoughts on “A Most Un-Norwegian Summer

  1. The same here in Devon- Summer’s been a washout for years but we’ve had months of glorious sunshine! Great shots, love the sharp shadows


      1. No, we’re in the middle of our summer now. Last few days have been high twenties. Generally we see the good weather in July and half of August. After August 15 there’s a downturn but it’s not unusual to get temps in the twenties until the end of September. Fingers crossed.


  2. Quite the unusual summer we’re having. These photos are just wonderful. I especially like the ones taken between the trees with that lovely light shining through. 🙂


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