Hvalfjörður and Glymur, Iceland

Following our visit to the Blue Lagoon we returned to Reykjavik and got rid of dropped off the teenaged members of our merry band before heading off on our last trip.

This was an evening drive up to Hvalfjörður to the north of the capital and along its coast to the waterfall at Glymur.  The name Hvalfjörður means the whale fjord and Iceland, somewhat controversially, still has a whaling station there but we were much more interested in the fantastic scenery as we traversed the length of the fjord en route to Glymur.

At the head of the fjord we pulled onto a dirt road which carried us a couple of kilometres into Botnsdalur valley and after reaching the car park at the end of the road we began a hike of around 4 or 5 km up to what was the highest waterfall at 196m (643ft) until the retreating Morsárjökull glacier revealed a new fall that drops 227m (745ft).

All along this whole journey we were treated to some beautiful Icelandic scenery on a sunny, summer evening…

Some of the mountains we passed just outside Reykjavik.
We soon came to the 30km long Hvalfjörður through some fantastic scenery.
We passed this waterfall on the way which was situated beside some Viking age ruins.
This river is apparently one of Iceland’s top salmon rivers.
Beginning our hike up into Botnsdalur and the Glymur falls.
We finally arrived at the Glymur falls and its ravine high in the Icelandic hills.

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21 thoughts on “Hvalfjörður and Glymur, Iceland

  1. Wow, the colors are incredible! Have you also seen some part of the seaside? I remember pictures of Iceland with these dark beaches that looked very beautiful too.


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