Bláa Lónið (Blue Lagoon), Iceland

After our wander over the bridge between the continents it was time to set off on the next part of our trip and a visit to the one absolute must-do when being all touristy in Iceland.

We set off again through the spectacular volcanic landscape in the direction of Grindavik, a small village on the south coast of the Reykjanes peninsula.  A couple of kilometres outside the village lies the Blue Lagoon, a thermal spa which was created in 1976 when overspill from a geothermal power plant, Svartsengi, created a lagoon in the middle of the desolate lava fields near Grindavik.  People began to bathe in the pool in 1981 and a company was created in 1992 and the bathing lagoon opened for the public.

It is, of course, mega-expensive at €40 a hit but being tourists we had to go for it and the experience of bathing in the hot (37–39 °C/98–102 °F), milky blue, mineral rich waters of the spa in the middle of a wasted, desolate lava field in Iceland was both surreal and unforgettable…

The entire central part of a volcano has collapsed but the Icelanders feel confident enough to build radio and TV masts here.
The village of Grindavik and its lava fields.
The desolate landscape around Grindavik.
Blue skies over the entrance to the Blue Lagoon.
The path through the lava field towards the bathing complex.
Our first glimpse of the milky blue lagoon waters.

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23 thoughts on “Bláa Lónið (Blue Lagoon), Iceland

  1. I’m visiting in November so it was good to get the heads up on the place. It is a shame about the price but as you said, it’s a must do. The last time I had a hot spring experience was in Karuizawa in Japan. I have to say the scenery was a good bit more attractive. I’m looking forward to the experience a second time in Iceland. Excellent post! 🙂


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