Gullfoss, Iceland

Around 10km away from the geothermal site at Huakadalur lies yet another famus tourists site, the waterfall of Gullfoss (the Golden Falls), on the same Hvita river which flows past the geysers.

This spectacular waterfall is one of the most visited tourist sites in Iceland and while it may not be the biggest or tallest in the world it is certainly an awe-inspiring sight as it plunges down in two tiers totalling 31 metres (102ft) into a deep gorge which runs at right angles to the main falls.

Despite the overcast weather I managed to get some nice shots of this fabulous waterfall. Enjoy…



The view approaching Gullfoss from the parking area with the gorge extending away to the bottom right.
The upper tier of Gullfoss.
The lower tier plunges into the ravine.
Tourists gather at one of the viewing areas by the upper tier.
The rapids before the water cascades down the upper tier.

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34 thoughts on “Gullfoss, Iceland

  1. You make me think that it might be worth going into an aeroplane if you can see things like that at the end of the trip. Great pictures. They really showed the force of the water.


  2. We also did Þingvellir; Geysir and Gullfoss in one day. Quite effective when you’re in Iceland for a few days. Fortunately we had more time, so we could visit less crowded places. Great shots from Gullfoss; what a power going on there!


    1. Thanks Harrie. I tried to take some shots of the water to show its power rather than just the wide shots of the whole scene so some more of these may make an appearance in the future.


  3. wow, how different it looks in summertime. i posted pretty much exactly this picture but taken when october became november – and the colors are quite different. great capture!


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