Haukadalur and Strokkur


Following our visit to Þingvellir we hopped back on board the Mjollnir mobile and headed off to our second destination of the day. Continuing across a landscape of distant mountains, bleak moorlands and occasional small farms we came finally to Haukadalur, meaning Valley of the Hawks, which is home to the original geyser, an area of geothermal activity.

As well as being home to Geysir itself the valley is also home to the much more reliable Strokkur geyser, which erupts every five to ten minutes, as well as many other geothermal pools.

Geysir itself erupts very rarely these days as its vents are clogged and it really needs another earthquake to clear them. Strokkur’s eruptions can be up to 40m in height although these are rare but the whole area is another of Iceland’s geological gems and of course introduced the geyser to the rest of the world…

The slightly disconcerting sight of steam emanating from the earth greets you as you approach the site.
Multi-coloured volcanic rocks line the pools of Haukadalur.
Getting closer to the main site.
Boiling water is thrown up in one of the smaller pools.
Another of the smaller pools.

The following slideshow is a sequential series of shots of Strokkur as it erupts…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



31 thoughts on “Haukadalur and Strokkur

          1. I’m going to have to go there some day. . . been to Norway. . . Bergen (and some small ski village north of there). . . and to Oslo twice, had drinks of tequila and vodka at “Tor’s Hammer” back in 1997.


  1. Really liking the Iceland images – it’s one place I’d *really* like to visit to take photographs. I’d be like a kid in a sweetshop!


    1. Thanks very much Joe. Looking forward to your B&W blog but it may help some of us who don’t have a lot of time on our hands if you included a follow by email widget in there. 😀


  2. You can’t blame those old Viking chaps for believing the underworld was inhabited by trolls, dark gods and soup dragons when stuff like that’s erupting into the air unexpectedly.


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