A Glimpse of Iceland

We just got back in the early hours of today from a brief but hectic trip to Iceland so without any theme whatsoever here are a few shots from our trip to this amazing country…

Dark clouds over Reykjavik.
Trumpet player in Reykjavik.
One of the islands in Thingvallavatn.
Flowers adorn the top of this cairn on the way to Thingvellir.
Bridge between continents.
A thirst quencher in Kaldi, Reykjavik.
Lava beds cover much of Iceland.


36 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Iceland

    1. Some of the greener parts are very similar to the Highlands but 63% of the island is wasteland covered in huge lava fields with landscapes like the surface of the moon or Mars!


  1. I’m a little bit in love with Iceland having visited a couple of years ago and booked to go again in November… fab pics, thanks!!


        1. I recently read a book by Tom Egeland (Guardians of the Covenant) part of which takes place in Iceland so it was weird to actually be in the places where some of the action takes place.


          1. I haven’t heard of him – I’ll look him up! I’m into Viktor Arnar Ing贸lfsson, Michael Ridpath, Quentin Bates and at the moment Yrsa Sigur冒ard贸ttir


  2. My wife and I had our first holiday together in Iceland back in 1981, camping, and it was a dry country in those days. No beer, never mind anything stronger.
    And we never got to Thingvellir either, so I am begining to think it was a total waste of time.
    Great pictures. Waiting for more.


    1. Cheers cuz. There are plenty more to come from our trip and I thought Iceland was a fantastic country to visit – and the beer wasn’t too bad either 馃榾


    1. We made it Harrie and, yes, it was hectic but we got to see quite a lot in our short time there so there are plenty of pics to come 馃榾


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