Sankt Hans Aften 2014

Sankt Hans Aften is the annual Norwegian midsummer festival which usually happens on the evening of the 23rd of June a day or two after most similar events but it is celebrated on this date here to coincide with the alleged birth date of John the Baptist and the Christian desire to take over the most important dates in the pagan calendar.

Every year we have a local celebration on a small football field near the lake when families, friends and neighbours gather to spend time together around the traditional bonfire, eat barbecued food and consume the odd surreptitious drink or two since the drinking of alcohol in public is banned in Norway.

There is plenty of entertainment for young and old alike with games and pony rides for the kids and a live band providing music.  We had a really lovely evening for it last night so it was particularly enjoyable for all concerned and was a great family night out…

The centrepiece of the celebration is the lighting of the traditional bonfire.
Tables are set up on the football field and stalls selling BBQ’ed food do a roaring trade.
Whilst there was plenty organised entertainment for the kids this little bunch preferred to make their own arrangements.
A Father and Son enjoy the tremendous weather and a good night out.

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19 thoughts on “Sankt Hans Aften 2014

    1. Well, I’m just an old fashioned kinda guy (as well as being an old fart!) and I kinda like these neighbourhood, traditional things that have gone out of fashion in big cities and so many places around the world. It’s good to see that these traditions are still maintained to a degree. Are you enjoying our un-Norskie good summer?


  1. Wonderful images, älskling. xxxx I also liked the slideshow images.
    And btw, the father in Father and son… A good looking man. :))


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