Walking down by the lake on Saturday I was able to get some rather nice shots of a large Copper Beech tree beside the pathway as its leaves waved back and forth in the summer breeze…

9 thoughts on “Copper

  1. I love when I capture sunlight through the tree leaves — it’s particularly effective with your capture of the Copper Beech’s leaves!


    1. There are many things to admire about the Nordic nations but many things that we should not emulate either but overall we could a helluva lot better than vote no and go down the obnoxious, poisonous path we seem to be on whereby the coalition will drag us down the road of sycophantically slithering over the referendum finish line and declaring us all acolytes of the repulsive, neo-Nazi Tea Party. The choice as I see it is stark: Neo-Lib corporate control and to hell with democracy or a new beginning which may well flatter to deceive but which will in no way ever mimic the excesses, nepotism and corruption which will be ours should we be timid (despite 307 years of wishing it to be so). We’re still here and we demand to be heard even after all these years. The future is ours – even if we fail in September the tide of history is in our favour. We shall never fail. Here endeth the rant! 😀


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