20 thoughts on “Summer Flowers, June 2014

    1. I’m hopeless at ID’ing flowers Christopher. I just like them and photograph them without knowing what they are! Glad you liked the pictures though 😀


  1. The top ones are orange hawkweed and get a mixed reception from gardeners as they are hard to get rod of when you don’t want them. The blue cornflower at number three is in the same class.


    1. Cheers Mark. The spring ad summer here so far have been exceptionally good weather wise so there’s lots of bright colours everywhere just now.


  2. Thank goodness for knowledgeable folk 🙂 I took a shot of that orange hawkweed while out walking on Monday without any idea what it was. Nice though, isn’t it?


    1. It certainly is and if you have never visited Tootlepedal’s blog I would recommend it for the man’s insight into his local flora and fauna.


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