Auto 23

A rather strange landmark that I pass on my way to Kanadaskogen is the Auto 23 tower, a metallic sculpture by Bergen artist Bård Breivik, inspired by the speed, precision and style of Porsche engines.  In the following two photos you see its proximity to the forest although I’m not sure whether I prefer the B&W or colour version…

Auto 23 Auto 23

17 thoughts on “Auto 23

  1. Much prefer the b/w as you get that lovely stark contrast between the textures… Though the colour has an interesting alien-movie landscape feel to it! Tough choice.


    1. Thanks for that Tootle. As always your input is appreciated. I thought the B&W version would turn out better than it did but I may try to re-edit it sometime. That said I kinda liked the colour this time around. Apologies for not catching up with your posts sooner but life this side of the North Sea has been a bit hectic of late. I shall endeavour to acquaint myself with the latest from Tootleville as soon as…


        1. Yes they are. Always full of detail, lovely photos and charming anecdotes, not to mention your dry sense of humour which, as an ex-pat of cynical disposition I both admire and miss from the silly wee homeland. Mair pooer tae tae yer dungheap!


  2. I think I like the color version best … it’s crisper, and I like how the metallic contrasts against the green of the trees while picking up the blue from the sky.


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