A Study in Scarlet

Some more shots from my trip to Kanadaskogen the other day in search of Dragonflies and Damselflies.  This time I have some shots of a truly beautiful creature in the shape of the Large Red Damselfly, a brightly coloured, slender member of the damselfly family.  Enjoy…

28 thoughts on “A Study in Scarlet

  1. Gorgeous shots of these beautiful little creatures. I especially like the next-to-the last shot which shows amazing details. Did you notice that you captured a mating pair in the second image?


    1. Thank you Mike, I thought you’d appreciate these shots. I noticed the mating pair but I got another couple of damsel-porn shots which might make an appearance soon.


        1. Ha! She’s a weird one! 😀 You looking forward to tonight’s footie or are you one of those England fans who is a bit downbeat about your chances?


          1. I’m sort of looking forward to it…..if I can stay awake till 11pm that is 😉. We’ll do well to get out of the group…..but I fancy us to reach the QFs. We ain’t going to win the thing though.


            1. Speaking as a Scotsman who knows only too well what it’s like to be Costa Rica’ed I would tend to agree with you. I have a feeling tonight’s game could be the cagiest, drabbest affair in the tournament – both sides afraid to lose, but I doubt if England will get past the QF stage. No sour grapes here but I think that is England’s level. I have to say though that it is refreshing to have a certain amount of realism though in the English media. Makes a change! As a big footie fan I have no love of the Italian national side so, strange as it may seem from an uber-Scot, good luck England (can’t believe I said that! Ha ha ha).


              1. Haha thanks. That is my conundrum…..if I make the effort to stay up, will the game be worth it? Like you I think it has nil-nil written all over it. QFs are definitely our level. If we get any further it will be a minor miracle. Liz has drawn Costa Rica in her work sweep…..so she’s supporting them 😊


                1. Ssshhhh! Don’t about Uruguay, but I still think results against CR could make or break the chances of the ‘big three’ getting out the group. Fascinating stuff and thank god silly wee Scotland aren’t there to get humiliated on the big stage! Y’gotta larf!


                    1. I agree. But we are starting from a pretty low base. Our national team has been as embarrassment for the last twenty-five years although the Croats got a doing home and away and the signs are good for the future. As a Rangers fan I’m a bit dubious aboot wee Gordy but he’s doing a good job and we gave you horrible feckers a right good scare at Wembley a few months back. Three games at the the next world Cup and the next plane home is not outwith our capabilities although we have a tough group in the next European qualifiers. Anyway, boring England to stuff the boring Italians 0-0! Alex Salmond for president of the Universe!


    1. Dank je wel m’n vriend uit Nederland! Hup Hup! 😀 Tonight you can get revenge for all those crazy years as the Spanish Netherlands! Freedom 😀


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