Damsel in Blue

Whilst out hunting dragonflies yesterday I came across this beautiful creature which isn’t a dragonfly after all but rather a very similar creature called a Blue Damselfly.  There are many species of damselfly out there but I doubt if few are as beautifully marked and coloured as this one…

24 thoughts on “Damsel in Blue

    1. Cheers Maurice. I’ve no idea what their range is so I can’t help you there but I know the Four-Spotted Chaser (Skimmer in North America) I posted about the other day extends into Canada as well but these damselflies are indeed beautiful creatures. They’re certainly a bit more skittish than the dragons but a wee bit of patience will see them settle fairly near you so it wasn’t as difficult as you might think.


    1. Thank you. It was actually easier than I thought it would be. A little patience and they’ll settle down somewhere near you – not as near as the dragonflies and they’re good bit smaller – so you can some decent shots.


      1. Nothing dire about it although you could have said that you bought it in the Nattuurwinkel which is just one “t” off the real spelling of a Health Food Shop thus making an even more corny joke. My husband says that my Dutch is enchanting which is a very polite way of saying that I make it up as I go along and am very creative with the Grammar. I like the way that friendly people will talk with me in spite of any mistakes. I imagine that Norwegian is even more difficult however fotograferingen er en ren fryd ( if this is rude then blame Google translate).


        1. Nothing rude about it and I agree. I lived in Spain for a short while and my then-girlfriend said she was going to buy a TV of 23 inches (pulgadas). I misheard then asked her why she wanted to but a TV with 23 Bulgarians (Bulgaras) which caused her bro-in-law no end of mirth at my expense 😀


          1. For years I called a tea tray a Dingblad ( a flat leaf like object that you put things on according to my literal translation) Turns out it is called a Dienblad ( a flat tray like object used for serving coming from the word dienst – to serve). I still prefer my version!!!


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