Chasing the Dragon

Having worked all weekend I was lucky enough to have a free day today which coincided with some glorious early summer weather so I took a couple of hours out of my day for a long overdue return to Kanadaskogen forest and, in particular, Krokatjørna, one of my favourite spots.

Walking over the bridge that carries the beginning of the path over a small stream I was struck by how low the water level was – testament to the good weather of late.

As I climbed up to the ridge that separates Krokatjørna from suburban Bergen there was bright green everywhere in the luxurious growth in the woods and then I descended down the other side towards the lake which is the perfect habitat for the creatures I was going to try and photograph for the first time.

Tramping through the undergrowth towards the edge of the lake through some still slightly boggy conditions I was ultimately rewarded by a profusion of Dragonflies which seemed to be everywhere and managed to get some really decent shots of these beautiful creatures…

The almost non-existant stream at the start of my hike.
The greens in the forest were glowing in the sunshine.
Approaching Krokatjørna, the perfect place for Dragonflies.
The reward was some great Dragonfly shots.
I’m not sure which species this is but it is certainly a lovely creature.



12 thoughts on “Chasing the Dragon

  1. Gorgeous shots of the dragonflies (and their habitat too). Photographing dragonflies can be both easy and challenging, depending on the species and the conditions. Some species of dragonflies love to perch and will often return to the same perches over and over. Those guys are relatively easy to photograph, especially when the light is good and the perches are accessible. Other species of dragonflies seem to hang out in inaccessible locations or don’t often land. That makes it tough to get good shots. I can’t wait to see more of your shots of these beauties.


    1. Thanks Mike. Yesterday was the first time I had intentionally set out to shoot them and I was surprised how easy it was. The one in this post was one of those that kept returning to the same perch so it was easy but others were smaller or more skittish and were a bit more of a challenge but I think I’ll be back there to try this again. More shots to come from this shoot though so I hope you approve!


    1. The dragonflies were amazing. I’d seen them before of course but when I sat down to wait for them to get in range they suddenly seemed to be almost everywhere.


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