Rusty Forest

During Saturday’s wander down by the stream I came upon a rather ugly pile of discarded household items just dumped in a clearing in the forest.  Although this is something I could’ve done without during a nice hike through the forest, on closer inspection there was a number of interesting photo opportunities even within this eyesore.  Had I stumbled across this on some industrial site or abandoned property it would’ve been OK, but I suppose when you live in a district whose name (Fyllingsdalen) literally translated means ‘valley of the dump’ it’s almost to be expected…

28 thoughts on “Rusty Forest

              1. Ha ha! When we were kids we used to find May Bugs (beetles) and place them under paper cups then let them go. Watching paper cups meandering down the path was rather surreal! As kids we do these things but I suspect it’s perhaps a little cruel. Never would have harmed one though. I know people who are scared of beetles but they fascinate me 🙂


      1. You did! It would be nice to have a case in court against people who did it and your photos would prove their crime. 😉


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