Sunshine by the Stream

Saturday brought us some lovely warm sunshine so I was tempted down to the stream which runs into Sælevatnet, the lake about mile or so from the house.  Our early spring here meant that the woods along the length of the stream were in full leaf and the combination of lush, luxuriant vegetation, sunshine and mossy rocks lent a greenish tinge to everything along its banks while the sunlight sporadically made its way down to ground level through the wonderful tangle of leaves…

Wonderful green leaves are everywhere by the stream.
Even though the stream is at a low level due to our recent warm, dry weather the moss is still green.
The water tumbles over the moss covered rocks.
In a rare clearing ferns and saplings drink in the sunlight.
Once in a while the sunbeams actually reached down to the level of the stream.
The profusion of leaves illuminated by the sunshine.
Sunlight, leaves and water on a warm late spring day.


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