Playa de los Norskies

After our trip to Fanafjellet yesterday afternoon we were coming back home along the shores of Nordåsvannet when Mrs Mjollnir said we should go to a small beach where she went many years ago.  I wasn’t quite prepared for exactly how small it was.  Approximately 10 yards/metres long and at most two deep this wasn’t exactly Ninety Mile Beach!  It was , however, a very nice little spot and we could see that the local populace would come here with anything approaching decent weather.  Of course any more than four folk and it gets a bit crowded…

The tiny beach at Kjyrkjetangen.
To be fair the rest of the coastline here is rocky.
A tiny peninsula separates this from another tiny bathing area.
Almost the whole beach is visible in this shot.
There was certainly more room out on the water where messing around in boats was the order of the day.
This little bathing house wasn’t much smaller than the beach!
Kids were happily using this diving board to plunge into the sea while the mountains in the background still have snow on them.

18 thoughts on “Playa de los Norskies

    1. I always say Norway is really just Scotland on steroids as we have so much in common but peely-wally weans jumping into freezing lochs just disnae happen in Scotland!


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