Summer Pastures

Today brought some reasonably nice weather so we hopped in the Mrs Mjollnir-mobile and headed for an area known as Fana and, more specifically, the Fanafjellet (the Fana mountain).  This is an area just outside of Bergen which in years gone by was used as a summer pasture for the animals in the nearby farms.  Some of the huts used by the herdsmen can still be seen here, preserved as a sort of open-air museum and with the road climbing up most of the hillside to only 90 metres short of the summit we had no problems climbing to the top for some decent views…

One the summer shelters used by animal herders at the summer pastures.
Another shelter further up the hillside with flowers growing from the turf roof.
A view over the forested hillsides part way up Fanafjellet.
Looking over the hills in the direction of the city.
The hairpin bends of the road leading up Fanafjellet and the sea stretched out 313m (1,027ft) below.
The slopes are covered in conifer forests now.
The warm weather has certainly brought the insects out in force.

27 thoughts on “Summer Pastures

        1. The weather over here has been quite good for a couple of months now (by Bergen standards at any rate!) and the coming week looks to be nice as well. How’s the rain in Ireland?


  1. Great images as always! I particularly like the perspective of the hairpin bend of the road leading up Fanafjellet. We’ve met large vehicles on that bend too often … and the occasional new driver. Yikes!

    Next time you are out this way, keep going over Fanafjellet and stop for a (Scottish-size) pint. 🙂


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